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Homepage for Contains the latest news and information on recent updates to the site.
Lots of free games, wallpaper, screensavers, puzzles,
e-books - 4 to choose from - 1,2,3,4
Details and photographs of my closest friends.
More photographs of my closest friends.
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Read the latest jokes from (page opens in a blank window so you can continue surfing this site)!
Find out more about my job as a professional juggler. With link to my juggling website - jugglingworld.
This page!!
Tune in to my very own radio station, playing a mixture of tunes from the past 3 decades. The station opens in a new window so you can listen while you surf this and any other site.
Find out about my job as a freelance web designer. With link to my web design site - webdesignworld.

About Me

An introduction to this section which contains the story of my life so far (1977-present)!
Lots of baby photographs and the story of my life up until I left high school.
Details of my first jobs, and also about my time at Clackmannan College and then the University of Abertay Dundee.
July 1999 - I graduated from University of Abertay Dundee with a 2:1 Honours Degree in Information Management. Lots of photo's are arranged as a slideshow in this section.
Details of what I did for a year after I graduated. This includes my time working for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.
On 16 July 2001, I set up my own business as a "Freelance web designer and professional juggler"! This page contains more details.

My juggling equipment and novelty items store! Come and have a look!


A brief background about my Christianity, and how God is in my life.
Photographs and details of my Baptism at Stirling Baptist Church on 6 May 2001.
Details of the Churches I have been a member of - Viewfield Church and Stirling Baptist Church.
Click to Donate buttons. Please visit this page, and click on the links to help the hungry, homeless and poverty stricken. It won't cost you anything but a few seconds of your precious time!
Details of the missions I have been on since 1995 with the Church of Scotland. Find out how you can get involved too!
Lots of Christian Resources for you to download. Gameslists, useful links, pictures to send as attachments to your friends, and much more.
My Christian testimony. How I came to know God in my life and what he has done for me.


Introductory information about my family, including a clickable imagemap to take you to the other pages.
Find out about my Sister (Ann) and her Fiance (Scott) .
Wedding photographs from my sisters wedding in September 2003.
Find out about my Auntie Isobel Davies (Mum's sister).
My God-daughter Chloe - born on Sunday 26 May 2002. Lots of photographs!
Find out about my Gran (Mabel) and Grandad (Bill).
Gran and Grandad's Golden Wedding Photographs and details here - September 1999.
Find out about my Grannie (Jessie) and Papa (Ken). Both missed very much...
Find out about my Mum (Margaret) and Dad (John).
View the black and white photographs and read about my parent's wedding way back on 29 December 1972!
Find out more about me and my fiancee!
Find out how I proposed to Rachel!
Read about my Brother (Stewart) and Aunt (Isobel).
Find out about all the pets we have kept over many years (past and present)!
Lot's of photographs of our first cat - Rambo. He went missing several years ago and we still miss him...
Lot's of photographs (added regularly) of our current cat - Rocky!


During my time at University of Abertay Dundee (1997-1999), I shared 3 flats with 19 different people in total. Find out some of the stories.
Alloway Halls was my first place away from home. I lived with 7 others.
Lyon Street was my next flat in Dundee. I lived with two others.
Meadowside was my third and final flat. I lived with 10 International students (and a gerbil)!
Sharing a flat with Jamie Taylor.
My current flat! Sharing with a goldfish and when I get married in November 2004


Introduction to the Miscellaneous section of my web site. The pages that didn't really fit anywhere else, but were worthwhile salvaging from the wreckage of my previous personal websites!
Find out about which concerts I have been to this Century!
Find out about the 2 REM Concerts I have attended (1995 - Murrayfield Stadium, and 1999 - Stirling Castle).
Sophie Ellis-Bextor Concert - 19 January 2003 at Clyde Auditorium. Review and photos.
Find out what my favourite films of all time are, and also which films I have seen recently at the Cinema (reviewed and rated).
Find out about some of the bands I have been part of, and my large collection of music at home. Also contains my top 40 songs of all time (a wide and varied collection)!
Find out about some of the performances I have been in (some of which are on video and detailed in this section).
Find out about my favourite television programmes, and which ones I am currently hooked on!

Steve Thomson is a professional juggler -
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