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About Me - After Graduation

SEPA Head Office I knew after I graduated that I wanted a career as a web-site designer. Until I found a job, I would have no money though, so I moved back home to Stirling to live with my parents again, and spent the summer doing mission work, then while I looked for web design work, I took up temporary work with an agency, and began working for SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) in their Stirling Office as an Administration Officer. This proved successful, and I was kept on till Christmas.
Inside Robert Burns Homepage I was then able to get a 3 week web design job with S&UN (Scottish and Universal Newspapers) where I created a website dedicated to Scotlands favourite poet - Robert Burns!
Coylton & Drongan team - Summer of 2000 (I am bottom left on the photo)

In the New Year, I went back to work for SEPA as a temp, where I became a Recruitment Assistant at Head Office (also in Stirling). When a colleague realised I could do web design, he hired me to build the Training and Development Intranet site, and when this finished, there were many other departments wanting to hire me. This temp job lasted till I left during June 2000 to do mission work over the summer and then concentrate on learning more about web design.

Thursday Sports From September 2000 till 2004, I took on responsibilities in Youthwork from Stirling Baptist Church. I was a leader for the Thursday night Sports sessions and also helped lead the Monday Night Juniors and Seniors football, which was played at our local football stadium (Forthbank, home of Stirling Albion FC).

I also spent 7 months studying website design from home, and creating/revamping the following websites:

Screenshot of Stevensworld2 (before this revamp!)
Screenshot of BaptistYouth Site (as at April2001)
Screenshot of Church of Scotland Mission Site (as at April 2001)

Whilst doing these websites, I began to realise that I could set up my own web design business instead of working for other people. This would allow me to learn fast, be creative, and shape my own destiny (with God at the forefront guiding me).


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