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Misc - Introduction

This section is made up of pages from my previous Stevensworld site which I decided to group together in order to lessen the amount of links on the navigation panel! The pages are still of interest to people who want to find out more about me and my interests. Please take time to visit the following pages in this section:

  • CONCERTS: - Details of Concerts I have seen recently (special pages devoted to REM concerts and Sophie Ellis-Bextor Concert)
  • FILMS: - Find out which films I have seen recently at the Cinema, and my fave films of all time
  • MUSIC: - Find out about my music collection, favourite songs, and my keyboard playing.
  • PERFORMANCES: - Find out about the video productions I have appeared in, and my performances on stage since 1995.
  • TV: - Find out about my favourite tv programmes.

My Juggling Store

Jugglingworld is my online juggling equipment and novelty item store. Please take a look!


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