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This page is dedicated to all the people I have appeared in a videotape or on stage with. It is my hope that I will continue adding to this section throughout my life as I really love acting and performing. I haven't appeared on TV yet, but it is only a matter of time!

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Performance Collage

Performance at All Singing All Dancing CHRISTmas Show

Since starting up in business as a professional juggler on 16 July 2001, I have taken part in performances all over Scotland, England and even Germany! To view many of my more recent performances,

please visit Jugglingworld

Performance Collage



10/12/96: Juggling and Keyboard video for Gran and Grandad's Christmas

I made a videotape of me performing several juggling routines, and also playing 20+ songs on the keyboard. Grandad had bought me the keyboard a couple of years previous, so it was a way of thanking him. The video shows some of my most early recorded juggling and music performing. Filmed by Graeme Jackson, who also helped create the slide titles in Powerpoint. Special guest appearances by Rocky the cat and my sister Ann.

Yvonne and me - photo taken during filming

19/7/97: North Leith Talent Night

The idea behind this video was dreamed up between Douglas Gilmour and myself. We decided to make a video of the end of mission talent night, and present the event, then we could send the team copies of the video once Douglas had edited it together. Acts include comedy, jokes and magic. Video lasts 58 minutes.

Broughty Ferry Mission Team - Easter 1998

Easter 1998: Broughty Ferry Goes Banana's

Broughty Ferry is a place in Dundee where I took part in an Easter Mission. One of the locals brought along a videocamera to the Children's events and made a short video of the events that we could show after Church on the Sunday. Video lasts 10 minutes.

Bonnybridge some leaders and kids

Summer 1998: Bonnybridge GNTV (Good News TV):

This video was taken by a local, filming some of the youth and children's events throughout the mission week. Video lasts 80 minutes.

(l-r) Erica, me, Kirsti

Summer 1998: The Truth About Dundee

This video was made by Beth Smith, Erica Davidson, Kirsti Thomson and myself. We were all members of the University of Abertay Dundee Christian Union, and the video was to be shown at an evangelistic event for students at Alloway Halls (where I lived the year before). The video was to act as an introduction to life in Dundee for the new first year students. Features footage throughout Dundee, inside the University, and at the CU Bar-B-Q. Video lasts 21 minutes.


26/11/99: Children 1st Fundraising Juggling Video at SEPA

It was my last day at work for SEPA (before they called me back several times)! I decided to raise some money for Children's 1st, by telling the staff that I would put on a 20 minute juggling show for them in the meeting room, if they all donated some money! £22.04 was raised. Filmed by Ian Buchanan. Video lasts 21 minutes.

Gran and Grandad dancing at their party

17/9/99: Gran & Grandad's 50th Wedding Anniversary Video

To see the photo's of this surprise party, please visit the ADD LINK page in the family section. This video was filmed by Ellen Reid, and edited by Billy Fleming. Video lasts 36 minutes.

Me just before I get put under the water

6/5/01 - My Baptism Video

5 of us got baptised during the evening service. It was a very moving ceremony, and I have two different video's of the ceremony.


02/09/03 - Performance at Sisters Wedding Ceilidh

15 minute juggling performance at Tolbooth Theatre where my sisters wedding Ceilidh was held. The whole day (from wedding to Ceilidh) is captured on film and edited.

Jugglingworld is my online juggling equipment and novelty item store!

Jump Juggle Jest

As well as the above videotapes, I have performed in the following Jump Juggle Productions:

Video Cover - 1995
This was JJJ's second show (summer - 1995). It was a two week workshop. The first week was spent teaching 20+ children to juggle, and the second week was spent devising a 40 minute circus/drama/comedy show and touring round the local community centres. In this first show, I played the part of a caveman who meets the time travelling crew when they fly back to the stone age. I also play a circus performer later on, which gave me a chance to do some advanced juggling.
Video Cover - 1996
In 1996, it was good to take part in this event again. I had became the first secretary of this organisation, and we were seeking a Charitable status. I played a slightly larger part this time.
Video Cover - 1997
In 1997, JJJ had became a Charity. I was involved with fundraising, and grant applications, but nothing would beat the feeling of being on stage. I started off with quite a small acting role this time, but as the second week commenced, other people dropped out, missed rehearsals, or missed their lines, so my role grew quite large in the end. I played the part of a crew member of a space shuttle involved in a race back home with an antidote to save the Universe.
Video Cover - 1999
1999 arrived, and it was good to be back. I had missed the previous years activities due to working for the Church of Scotland for the whole summer. This was to be my year, as I played one of the main characters, and was on in every scene (even playing the keyboard in one scene). I played a mad professor (Bill Geeks) who had accidentally sent a virus e-mail to every computer in the world, and had to find the antidote in the next 24 hours before the world would end!

To find out more about Jump Juggle Jest, please visit my juggling website

Let's all go to the Hanging

The Last Drop - originally titled Let's all go to the Hanging.  Official Flyer

"Let's all go to the Hanging" took place at the Albert Hall in Stirling for 2 consecutive nights in 1996. This was an interactive play written by a local which told the story of the last ever public hanging to take place in Scotland.

The Albert Hall was turned into an Edinburgh street complete with the hangman's noose and gallows The play was interactive, as the audience could walk around and experience what life must have been like, while mingling with the cast. The public could talk to the cast during the play, so the cast had to ad-lib and stay in character the whole way through.

There was an open audition with the writer/director a few months previous to the show, where he simply wanted people to say who they would like to be in the show. I asked if I could be a street entertainer, and the writer agreed. He asked me to go home and write some lines of dialogue along the lines of busking for money to support "my wife and 7 children". I wrote a note asking for money, and smothered the note with a teabag to give it a more authentic look. I even made some money busking, so I earned more than all the other actors!

Worst Ever Performance

Just to show that things do not always go according to plan, I thought I would include this story of my worst ever performance.

I was in a band at University which was made up of people in the Christian Union. We played at some evangelistic events. Our band - NYS (Nothing You Suggest), consisted of 3 people:

  • Fraser Brooks Electric Guitar
  • Douglas McCabe Guitar
  • Me Keyboard and Lead Singer

Fraser had a friend who had asked if our band would do a concert in a Church just outside Anstruther, on the day that Fraser and I finished a mission in Ayrshire. This did not give the band any time to practice, but because Fraser had agreed to it, we decided to go ahead. We had to go via Dundee to pick Douglas up, and by the time we were ready to leave, Fraser forgot where the Church was.

"It's okay" he said. "I wrote it down on a piece of paper in my house" which was in Anstruther. It was on the way anyway, so we stopped off, and he realised that he didn't have his house-keys on him, and his parents were out! We had to drive about a small town looking at several churches, and eventually found the correct church 10 minutes into the service!

If you thought this was bad, then you should read on! It gets a lot worse...

On setting up our musical equipment as quickly as possible, we realised that the Church was full of senior citizens, whereas we had been told that we would be performing in front of youth. We had adapted the praise songs to make them more upbeat. As if to make the matters worse, Alec (the guy who had invited us), had brought his keyboard along with him and wanted to join in, along with his wife who was all miked up ready to sing!

We would start a song at a fairly fast tempo, then Alec would join in on his keyboard at a much slower gentle speed, his wife would sing at the pace her husband set, and as such, the congregation would sing at their speed!! This meant that we had to slow down our songs during our performances, just as Alec would try speeding up! This left the audience wondering what was going on!

This went on for the full hour. Somewhere there exists a recording of this concert, as it was taped by the Church to distribute to people who couldn't make it. If you know of anyone who has the tape, I would dearly love a copy!!

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