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Christian - Intro

This is by far the most important section on my web-site. The rest of the site would not be possible without God's influence on my life. I hope you can take time to browse through this section which contains the following pages:

  • Baptism - Details of my Baptism on 6th May 2001
  • Church - Why I changed from Church of Scotland to Baptist Church and links to some Church sites I have created
  • Help Others - Click to donate sites. These will not cost you a penny, but could save lives (please try some of the links)
  • Mission - Details of missions I have taken part in, and how you can be involved in future missions
  • Resources - Useful links to other Christian Sites. Useful resources for Christians etc
  • Testimony - The most important page in my whole website! Find out how I became a Christian, and how God has transformed my life!

    Please note that I am a Christian Juggler, available to hire for your occasion! You can find out more about this extraordinary way of presenting the Gospel by visiting the Christian Gospel Juggling page on my juggling website

    Find out more about my juggling by clicking the picture and visiting Jugglingworld!
    Find out more about my Christian (Gospel) juggling

    (Christian Intro) (Baptism) (Church)
    (Help Others) (Mission) (Resources) (Testimony)

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