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This page contains many links to useful Christian Resources. Whether you are a Youthworker, or thinking about Christianity,there are plenty of links you should check out below. I have also included some downloads that you may use. I did not create all of them, so all credit should go to the copyright holders.

To jump straight to a particular section of freebies/downloads, please click on the links here:

Useful Christian Links

CHRISTIAN JUGGLING RESOURCE: Please note that I am a Christian Juggler, available to hire for your occasion! You can find out more about this extraordinary way of presenting the Gospel by visiting the Christian Gospel Juggling page on my juggling website!

Steve the Christian (Gospel) Juggler!

  • iMPACT Forum: A Christian forum on which I am a regulasr participant!
  • Youthwork Magazine - Popular magazine online
  • The Bible in MP3 Audio Format - Listen to the Bible
  • Acts of Light - Tonnes of drama scripts for every occasion
  • PrayerWeb - If you have some time to spare, the please pray for some of these causes
  • Hollywood Jesus - Find out a Christian perspective on popular culture (eg films, songs)
  • Beginner's guide to the Bible - This guide is very good
  • Christian Youth Chat Scotland - The best Christian Chat Room I have found:-)
  • Soteria Magazine - This is a non-profit Christian Youth Magazine, produced in Cornwall, but relevant everywhere! Free copies are available from this website.

    Christian Images

    Click on a Thumbnail below, to see the full size picture which you can save by clicking your right mouse button. They are a decent size and have been optimised, so they are ideal for e-mailing to other people. If you have any good Christian images, then please
    e-mail me
    with them!

    Psalm 23
    A-Z of Friendship
    Babies - Innocence
    Netting Christians
    True Friend
    Noah's Ark


    Please feel free to use any of the following items in the knowledge that they are all free of copyright.

    Jesus on the Cross.exe (Shockwave Flash) - Very Powerful and thought provoking animation featuring Jesus on his walk with the cross and his crucifixion.
    Gameslist.doc - 2nd edition (Word Document) - Over 200 Games ideas for Holiday Clubs. Games are in categories with descriptions for each game.


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