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I was baptised on May 6th 2001 at Stirling Baptist Church. Thank you for visiting the page that represents one of the happiest days of my life.

Just about to get baptised Me getting baptised by Rev Alasdair Black Just before I go under the water
All 5 of us

It was a very special service for the 5 of us who got baptised:

  • Nick Parkes
  • Lawrence Sum
  • Emily Thomson
  • Colin Stitt
  • Steven Thomson
Lawrence about to go underwater Colin coming out of the water Lawrence coming out of the water
Nick going into the water

Kate and Paul at the Baptism Party afterwards


  • A special thanks to Graeme Jackson who was my towel holder
  • Euan Reid - for all his support and friendship
  • To all at Stirling Baptist Church who continually prayed for us.
  • To all my friends who came to the service, and/or who prayed for me on the day.


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