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I enjoy watching films and going to the cinema. I find this a relaxing way of spending an evening with friends. This page is devoted to explaining what my favourite films of all time are, and also what films I have seen at the Cinema since 1 January 2000.

My Top 10 Favourite Films of all time

1. The Great Escape Best war film of all time. Great plot based on a true story. Steve McQueen's acting is superb.
2. Shawshank Redemption Just been voted one of the top ten films of the 1990's. Inspiring story of one man's struggle in a harsh prison environment. Features my favourite actor - Morgan Freeman.
3. White Men Can't Jump Superb Basketball movie.
4. Twelve Angry Men Superbly acted film. This film has been remade several times, and each remake is as good as the original starring Henry Fonda. Saw the play version at the Edinburgh Fringe with an All Star Comedian lineup! Highlight of the week!
5. Carry on Series 30 films in total featuring some of the finest British comedians of the last century. Carry on Screaming, and Carry on Spying are the best of the bunch.
6. Starship Troopers Awesome film with great special effects. Good tale about a group of friends fighting an alien war.
7. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey A most excellent film! Similar to Wayne's World in terms of youth culture, although these films came out first. Very funny. Keanu Reeves at his most bodacious!
8. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves The main song "Everything I Do (I do it for you)" spent 16 weeks at No.1 in 1991, and was one of the first singles I ever bought. Morgan Freeman is superb yet again!
9. Back to the Future trilogy This trilogy of films remind me of the 1980's. Great series of films starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.
10. Pleasantville Great and thought provoking drama/comedy about two young people who are sucked back in time and into the world of a black and white 60's comedy show.

Films I have seen at the Cinema

This section will tell you all about the films I have seen at the Cinema since the year 2000. By clicking on some of the film titles below, you can visit some web-sites devoted to the films:

Date Name of Film Where I saw the film and Who I went with
4/3/00 The Green Mile Scott and Graeme in (ABC, Edinburgh)
23/4/00 Scream 3 Craig (Allanpark, Stirling)
14/5/00 Man on the Moon Craig (Odeon, Dundee)
29/5/00 The Whole Nine Yards

Scott, Ann & Peter (Allanpark, Stirling)

Note that Scott and Ann walked out halfway through as the film was absolutely dire!!

15/7/00 Mission Impossible 2 Craig (Allanpark, Stirling)
19/7/00 The Patriot Craig, Shong & Friend, Fraser, Laura & Friend (Odeon, Dundee)
8/9/00 Scary Movie Euan (Allanpark, Stirling)
22/9/00 Shaft Euan (Allanpark, Stirling)
3/11/00 Road Trip Euan (Allanpark, Stirling)
2/12/00 Charlie's Angels Graeme (Allanpark, Stirling)
6/1/01 Unbreakable Lawrence, Judith, Jayne, Donald, Kate, Jen, Euan (Odeon, Glasgow)
21/1/01 Castaway Jane, Kirsty and Yin (Odeon, Ayr)
What Women Want
Euan, Lawrence, Heidi, Anne, Dagmar (Allanpark, Stirling) - The heating was broke, so we got in as Children!!
6/4/01 Miss Congeniality Graeme 71%
16/4/01 Bridget Jones' Diary Euan, Lawrence, Ewan and Jen 85%
1/7/01 Shrek Stirling Baptist Church YF and friends 90%
1/9/01 Heartbreakers

Euan and Lawrence - Inflight Movie on way to Toronto Airport

1/9/01 Dr Doolittle 2 Euan and Lawrence - Inflight Movie on way to Los Angeles Airport 85%
3/9/01 American Pie 2 Euan, Lawrence, Paul - Cinema in LA 95%
8/9/01 Shrek Euan, Lawrence - Inflight movie on way to Toronto Airport 90%
8/9/01 A Knight's Tale Euan, Lawrence - Inflight movie on way to Glasgow Airport 95%
22/12/01 Lord of the Rings Euan, Lawrence, Neil, Ewan, Kirsten, Paul (Allanpark, Stirling) 97%
2/1/02 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Emma and Craig (UGC, Dundee) 65%
2/2/02 Rat Race Craig (Odeon, Dundee) 96%
2/2/02 Shallow Hal Craig (Odeon, Dundee) 92%
20/06/02 Spiderman Kelly, Rachel, Roxy, Madeleine, Tim, Kevin, Rachael, Fiona (Allanpark, Stirling) 70%
20/07/02 Minority Report Lawrence, Judith, Neil, Ewan, Euan, Jen, Kate, Sarah, Donald, Paul 94%
30/10/02 Red Dragon Pamela (Allanpark, Stirling) 65%
16/11/02 xXx Lawrence, Euan and Donald
(UGC, Dundee)
23/11/02 Die Another Day (James Bond) Donald, Jamie, Jayne, Emma, Judith, Euan, Neil, and Emma B 80%
15/2/03 Chicago Craig (UGC, Dundee) 92%
15/2/03 Undercover Brother Craig (UGC, Dundee) 60%
16/4/03 Equilibrium Craig, Carl (Odeon, Dundee) 96%
16/4/03 The Ring Craig, Carl (Odeon, Dundee) 91%
July 2003 Bruce Almighty Rachel, Graeme and Sally (Odeon, Glasgow) 92%
August 2003 Terminator 3 Euan, Donald, Neil and Lawrence 84%
August 2003 American Pie 3 Pamela (Allanpark, Stirling) 97%
November 2003 Kill Bill Jamie (MacBob, Stirling) 90%
December 2003 SWAT Jamie (Cineworld, Falkirk) 72%
March 2004 Mona Lisa Smiles Rachel (Allanpark, Stirling) 70%
April 2004 The Passion of the Christ Rachel (Cineworld, Falkirk) 91%
Summer 2005 Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy Rachel, Craig and Louise (Cineworld, Falkirk) 93%
December 2005 The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe Rachel (Allanpark, Stirling) 90%

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