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This page lists my favourite programmes of all time. There are some links provided to websites featuring the programmes below which are also worth a look if you share an interest in any of these programmes.

I have always been an avid viewer of television, even from an early age. My favourite program's are mainly comedies, which can account for a lot of my sense of humour (Blackadder, Vic Reeves, Harry Hill, Monty Python etc).

Bring Back Prisoner Cell Block H to our screens!  Sign the petition here...

Top 10 Favourite TV Programs of all time

Prisoner: Cell Block H
Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it! I am a huge fan of this programme. I used to be allowed to stay up late on Monday nights (when it was a schoolnight), so I could see the late episodes! The show is not on British television at the moment as it has just finished its second complete rerun (which took 5 years)! You can still see most of the actor's and actresses in other Australian soaps now! I have over 400 of the 676 episodes on videotape.
2. My favourite Comedy by far. I have all 8 series as well as the out-take video's. There is talk of a Red Dwarf film coming out soon, as well as another series. Recently voted one of the top 20 best british sitcoms ever! Currently collecting all the DVDs and devouring all the extra features!
3. Always exciting to watch. Well directed, and has great characters. Quite a lot of characters leaving over the past few years as the storylines spice up...
I love every episode... Blackadder Back and Forth was made to be shown in the Millenium Dome during the Year 2000. Recently voted the second best british sitcom ever (Only Fools and Horses Came first)!


Never Mind the Buzzcocks
A funny music quiz. I usually manage to get about half of the answers right!
You can always find something new if you watch any episode again. My ex flatmate Craig is an even bigger fan.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow is a babe! I watch this program anytime I am staying in Dundee as my friend Craig, has the boxed set of every series. I still have the final few episodes still to watch!
Vic Reeves Big Night out
King of light entertainment! One of the funniest and original series ever made on TV. Very unique and zany brand of humour. Only 2 series ever made, before they switched from Ch4 to Ch2 to make the Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, then the quiz show "Shooting Stars", comedy series "Bang, Bang, It's Reeves and Mortimer" and then a 60's remake of "Randall and Hopkirk". I saw them live in 1995 at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
9. So many episodes of this fantastic wartime comedy/drama (250 in total). Series is currently re-running on Paramount Comedy Channel. The Final Episode is one of the most moving pieces of TV (and was seen by over 1 Billion people)!
10. Intellectual satire at its best. The official site has daily odd one out and missing word competitions. Well worth a look if you are a fan. Finally been moved to Channel 1 and already notched up 21 series! Now of course, Angus Deayton is no longer in charge, so there are numerous different presenters!

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