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This page details one of the great loves of my life... Music. You can jump directly to a piece of this page by clicking on a jump link below:

Music Collection

I do not have a favourite type of music, as I tend to like a bit of everything. I began buying cassette singles and albums in 1991. My first purchases were by - Salt 'N' Pepa, Bryan Adams and Erasure! My collection has continued to grow since then. At present I own approximately

  • 120 Vinyl singles, 4 Vinyl Albums,
  • 455 Cassette Singles, 200 Cassette Albums,
  • 1600 CD Singles 1200 CD Albums
Some of my many Cassette Singles!!

My most precious collections of music are my REM albums (14 of them), and my "Now that's what I call music" collection (I have every single one of them!)

My Top 40 songs of all time

Alphabetical order, and no laughing at some of the entries! I am sure you won't have heard all of the songs, and hopefully you will agree with at least one of the entries below! Some notes appear at the bottom of the list, for when the song represents a certain memory!
Name of Artist/Group
Song Title
Ace of Base
Travel to Romantis
Take on me
Alice Cooper
All About Eve
Farewell Mr. Sorrow
Snow on the Sahara
Aztec Camera
Somewhere in my Heart
Big Country
In a Big Country
Carly Simon
Nobody Does it Better *
Crowded House
Fall at your Feet
Cyndi Lauper
Time after Time
I believe in a thing called love **
Definition of Sound
Now is Tomorrow
Definition of Sound
Wear your love like Heaven
DJ Pied Piper and Master of Ceremonies
Do you really like it?
Fleetwood Mac
Big Love
Gorillaz feat De La Soul
Feel Good inc
Junior Senior
Move your feet
Everybody's Changing
Kim Carnes
Bette Davies Eyes
KT Tunstall
Other Side of the World
KT Tunstall
Suddenly I see
Living Colour
Solace of You
Got to have your love
Martha and the Muffins
Echo Beach
Unfinished Sympathy
Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl
Fairytale of New York
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Under the Bridge
Cuddly Toys
Lola's Theme
Sixpence None the Richer
Kiss Me
Sounds of Blackness
Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Groovejet (if this ain't love)
Just Looking
Hard to Feel
Ten Sharp
Us3 feat. Rahsaan
Cantaloop (flip fantasia edit)


  1. * Carly Simon - "Nobody Does it Better" was the song played for the First Dance at my wedding to Rachel!
  2. ** Darkness - "I believe in a thing called Love" was the song played at our wedding as we walked back down the aisle having signed the register!


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Musical Performances

I play the keyboard. I have a Yamaha PSR-2100 (Karaoke keyboard!), which can be seen here (as modelled by my cat Rocky). I got my original keyboard for Christmas 1995. It had cost my Grandad a lot of money as it was top-range, so I was determined to learn how to play it.

When I was at University, I played keyboard for my Christian Union. We had lots of guitarists who would accompany me. We would put together groups to perform at Christian Union Outreach events such as Bar-B-Q's. I now mainly use it to praise God when I have my personal Bible Study each morning before I begin working on my web design and juggling assignments.

To find out about my worst ever musical performance, please go to the Performances section of this web-site. I am sure you will find the story very funny...

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