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Concert - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Clyde Auditorium:

19 January 2003

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Carl, Barry and Craig




Sophie and acoustic guitarist

And so it was decided, that as all our birthdays were close together (December/January) that Craig would buy us all tickets for a concert. He wanted to go see Sophie-Ellis Bextor, and seeing as none of us could come up with a better concert, we decided to accept his kind offer!

I always enjoy knowing that I am going to see a concert several months later, as it gives you a night out to remember and plan.
Craig set out from Dundee, and I joined him on the bus when it reached Stirling, and we got Carl at Buchanan Bus Station and went to Queen Street Station where we found Barry (Craig's brother). We had time for some dinner, then got a taxi to Clyde Auditorium.

Wasn't sure what to expect from the Concert, but I had bought her album a few weeks previous, and liked most of the tracks (Groovejet is one of my all time favourite songs).

The show started with the support group "Auburne" who played a 4 song set and were average, but everyone was just waiting for Sophie to appear!

The Concert was sponsered by Rimmel (make up manufacturer)! Craig bought a video, T-Shirt and Mug! Tonight was the last show of her long tour, and she had last played in the Clyde Auditorium when she was a singer with THE AUDIENCE many years ago.

What an entrance! You could see her silhouette through the curtain, and then the music got louder and she burst onto stage!

We were seated in the centre of the auditorium so we got a great view, apart from when a complete muppet decided to stand up and dance waving his arms in the air right in front of us. When someone else told him to sit down, he swore at them. Security didn't seem to mind people taking photographs, and I was even able to take some movies of the concert, including her stunning entrance and some of the dazzling light show.

Highlight of the show was of course GROOVEJET, and I did enjoy her weird way of dancing, which was like a forwards moonwalk! I have listened to her album all the time since returning from the Concert, and it brings back memories of a fantastic concert.

Sophie me and Craig Sophie

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