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About Me - Work, College & University

Viewfield Church (the Church I grew up in) I grew up going to Viewfield Church (Church of Scotland) in Stirling. In 1995, I went on my first Church of Scotland Mission to Dunbar with my brother who was co-leading the team. This mission changed my life, and brought me closer to God, and wanting to serve him fully. I have now taken part in over 35 Missions. I also created the official Church of Scotland Mission site.
Juggling for Children 1st (summer of 1995)
I left school after my 5th year finished, and signed up as a YT Librarian for SDC (Stirling District Council). I then went on to become a YT Junior Clerical Officer for SDC in their Personnel Department. I left the YT scheme after a year to go to College to study for an HND in Information and Office Management. I had no idea of what sort of job I would be looking for, but I decided that I wanted to work with computers and information. I graduated in 1997.
Official Graduation Photo - College
I then spent the summer of 1997 doing mission work, and moved to Dundee to study for an Honours Degree in Information Management at the University of Abertay Dundee.
Official Graduation Photo - University
I made a lot of friends, especially in the UAD Christian Union. I gained a Degree with Distinction in Information Management in 1998, then in my final Honours year, many of my subjects centred around the Internet and in particular web design. I chose as my honours project - "Applying Human-Computer Interaction Principles to Web-site Design". I got a 2:1 Honours Degree in Information Management and graduated on 3 July 1999.

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