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About Me - The Beginning

Me in the pram!  Uptown with my mum and brother

My name is Steven William Thomson. I was born on 23 December 1977 at Stirling Royal Infirmary. I grew up in Stirling, Scotland.

I had various jobs while I was at school, so I could earn a bit extra money for sweets and comics, then later on music tapes. At one point, I had two paper rounds and an egg round every week!

Only a few days old here!  Playing with my favourite toy! In 1993, my parents bought me a set of 3 juggling balls for Christmas, and this changed my life totally, as I felt a real sense of achievement from learning the basic patterns, and I quickly moved on to more difficult tricks, and then bought a whole range of juggling equipment to practice and perform with.
Me aged 4.  An early camouflage expert?!?
I enrolled in a summer school - JJJ (Jump Juggle Jest) in 1995 and helped to teach juggling as well as performing in a show for a week. I enjoyed the experience so much, that when a committee was formed to organise future JJJ activities, I became the first secretary.
Me - just before my first day in Primary 4
In 1994, my Grandad bought me a Yamaha PSR-5700 Keyboard for my Christmas. I took up learning the keyboard with just as much enthusiasm as the juggling, and enjoy playing in worship groups, and on mission teams.
I'm in the middle
Playing ball with my brother
Aged 3 - just toddling along!
Me with Gran who broke her ankle the day before mum gave birth
My Primary School (Riverside Primary) - You can see the Wallace Monument in the background!

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