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Friends Page 2

Thank you for visiting this second page full of photo's of my friends. I hope you enjoy the photo's (and like any of the photo's that you may feature in!)

Christian Union

CU - 1998 - Taken at Erica's Flat (Lochee Road, Dundee) CU - Arborath Weekend End of term Bar-B-Q for CU Members - 1999


More profiles


Andy Simpson and me. Photo taken when him and Laurie came to visit my new flat on Easter Monday 2003

Name: Andy Simpson

First Met: Dedication Service 2002 then Irvine Mission 2002.

Currently: Became an amputee.

Great laughs all the time. We need to keep in touch a bit more though!

Just after Erica's Baptism - October 2000

Name: Erica Stewart (nee Davidson)

First Met: At Abertay University Christian Union in 1997.

Currently: Got Married in 2006 to Philip.

Erica was also assistant President of the CU. Together with Jon Blyth and Beth Smith, we are in a Prayer Square.

Kirkcudbright Mission - 2000

Name: Kirsten McKillop

First Met: When I visited the Girvan Mission Team in 1998.

Currently: Married.


Taken at Rachel's Farewell Party (before going on the OM Doulos for a year) - 1999

Name: Rachel Burger-Seed

First Met: When Yin and I were helping out at the Star Bar (Christian Dry Pub) in Perth.

Currently: ??

Rachel was on Overseas Mission on the Doulos Ship for a year. I have done one mission with Rachel. Together with Yin, we won the National Team-building Championships in 1998 at the Lake District.

Name: Richard Boyle

First Met: When we went to Nursery, Primary and High School together!

Currently: Trucking all over England

I see Richard whenever he is back in Stirling to visit his family. He has been a good friend ever since we were 4 years old.

Dunbar Mission - 1998

Name: Sharon Obrzud

First Met: When I came to her home church in Dunbar to do mission in 1995.

Currently: Just moved to Dundee.

Sharon was my first pen pal. We have wrote over 50 letters to each other! I have done 4 missions with Sharon.
Outside Bridgend Inn - Perth, November 2000

Name: Tabitha (Tabby) Gilchrist

First Met: When she visited the Dunbar Mission team in 1995.

Currently: ??

A great friend. Very funny person. Always good to meet up with and play felt-ripping pool. Co-creator of the 50 steps in life.
Picture taken on 9Feb2002 at Annette Muir's 30th Birthday Party in Bathgate

Name: Yvonne Malcolm

First Met: A Christmas party at Paul Beautyman's house in Crieff - 1995

Currently: ??

Great singing voice. Very talented.
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Misc Photo's

Karaoke - Yvonne and I singing "Barbie Girl" in St Andrews - 2000 Photo taken uptown in Stirling by Watson - August 2001 David, Kirsten and me celebrating Tabby joining the Church in 1998
North Leith Talent Night - duetting on "Summer of '69" - 1996 David and me at the Star Bar in Perth David and me playing tennis on holidau in Oban - 1999

Me, Euan, Lawrence and Donald all ready for the Youth Fellowship CHRISTmas Ceilidh - 2000 Paul, Me and Euan playing golf - 2001 At Lawrence's flat with Lawrence, Jen and Euan - 2001
Yvonne and me during an event in Coylton in Ayrshire Yvonne and me at Helen's birthday party Helen and me at Aly Porterfield's leaving party

Board Game night with Dagmar, Heidi, Chris, Maureen, Euan, Anne and Lawrence - 2001 Celebrating Tabby joining St. Matthews Church.  l-r:  Ryan, Yin, me, Kirsten, David, Tabby - 1998 After Erica's Baptism - Buckie, October 2000
Douglas, me and Fraser dress up for Lucy's "70's Theme" 21st Birthday Party Kirsten and me at the Thanksgiving Service in Grangemouth - 1999 Donna and me in Dunbar

Helen and me at Coylton Mission - 2000 Tabby and me at a fairground ride in Perth
Picture taken on 9Feb2002 at Annette Muir's 30th Birthday Party in Bathgate Caroline - Ceilidh in Kirkcudbright - 1999

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