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Aunt Isobel

Aunt Isobel at Mum and Dad's wedding

Aunt Isobel passed away in December 2006.


When Isobel Maurer Davies was born in Alison Street, Ayr on 8 September 1943, the doctor's had to perform a mastroid operation, and the operation went wrong, which left her with only one eardrum. Isobel has to wear a hearing aid. She learned to lip read at an early age.

Isobel lost her mum when she was only 4. When Papa married Jessie McLinton Parker in 1951, she came to regard Jessie as her mum.

Isobel went to Glenburn Primary for a short while, then transferred to a Deaf School (one in Kilmaurs, and one in Dalry).

When Isobel left school she started work in the Laundry. She also washed dishes in the Queens Hotel down Prestwick Shore (now a Nursing home). She was in and out of hospital, so she couldn't hold down a steady job and ended up just living at home with her mum and dad.

When her mum and dad died (1993), Isobel got a small house in Prestwick the following February. She has lived there ever since, and receives a home help three times a week.

Aunt Isobel passed away in December 2006. She will be greatly missed.

Baby Stewart with Aunt Isobel and mum Aunt Isobel and Steven - August 2001 Grannie with baby Stewart and Aunt Isobel

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