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Grannie & Papa

Grannie with baby Stewart Grannie and Papa with mum and Stewart, Ann and me Mum with Papa

Married 14 December 1951
at St Cuthbert's Church in Prestwick, Ayrshire



Born Jessie McClinton Parker at Garden Street in Ayrshire on the 14 September 1921.

Grannie had many brother's and sisters:

  • MARY married Christie
  • PEGGY married Alf
  • JENNY married Joe
  • HARRY married Lily
  • TOMMY married Phyllis
  • JOHN married Eunice
  • PETER married Mary
  • DANNY married Jessie
  • JIMSY married Mary

Jenny is still alive and well. All the others have sadly passed away. Jimsy was killed when he fought in World War 2.

Jessie left school and became a maid (working for various families doing housework etc). She then spent some time working in the carpet mill as a Woollen Yarn Examiner at Tam's Brig in Ayr. Jessie's mum then took ill and she left her job to look after her full-time. They lived in Glenburn, Prestwick at the time, and then later moved to Marchburn Avenue, Prestwick.

When her mum and dad both died, she was left with this 3 bedroom house. Various Aunt's and Uncle's started their married lives by living beside Jessie in this house.

Jessie married Kenneth on the 14th December 1951. Mum was born the following year, so Grannie stayed at home to look after her until she was school age.

Jessie then began work at the Coal Board as a cleaner along with her neighbour ("Aunt" Lizzie Campbell). They also worked together at the Bowling Rink until she retired.

Kenneth Davies was born in Appleby, England on 25 November 1920.

Papa had 2 brother's and 2 sister's:

  • JACK married Ena
  • BILL married Margaret
  • MARLENE married Frank
  • LILY married West

Bill's wife Margaret is now a great gran, and lives near all her family in Kilmarnock. Lily and West live in Glasgow. The rest of the above named people have all sadly passed away...

Kenneth left school and became a bricklayer then joined up as a Private in the 12th Commando Unit to fight in the Second World War. He never spoke about what happened during the war.

When the war ended, he moved to Ayr (Alison Street), where he met and married Catherine Maurier McCutcheon (his first wife). They had a daughter (Isobel) in 1943, and then a year or two later, Kathleen died along with her baby son during childbirth.

He married Jessie on 14 December 1951.

Kenneth worked as a wagon repairer on the railways, and later on did caddying at the local Golf Club. He also worked at the coal board as a storeman and then worked at Prestwick Airport where he was a freight clerk. This was his last job before he retired.

Kenneth died from a heart disease on 17th June. Jessie died 16 days later on 3rd July 1993 from a heart condition. Their ashes are scattered on Mason Hill Memorial Gardens in Ayr. They are greatly missed by all who knew them.

Grannie Mum with her parents An old wedding photograph we stumbled across recently Grannie with baby Stewart and Aunt Isobel

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