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Family Pets - Past & Present

Current Pets

Rocky (1995 - Present)

Rocky is our family's second Cat. We eventually decided to get another cat (after Rambo went missing), and mum saw an advert from a group of female nursing students who were having to give away their cat as the landlord had found out they had been keeping one.

Rocky's original name was Badger! He must have been about 2 years old when we first took him home on 11 April 1995. He was very shy at first, and always willing to scratch anyone! We changed Badger's name to Rocky to keep in line with character's from Sly Stallone Movies (first Rambo, now Rocky). Rocky loves hunting (has caught all sort of animals), and eating mum's flowers!

To see more photo's, please visit Rocky's photo gallery.


Thomas (2005 - Present)

The latest addition to my parents house is Thomas. They got him at the age of 5 weeks old when he had already been litter trained! We had wondered previously why Dad had bought a few kitten-like toys and scratching posts for Rocky, and it was a complete surprise to everyone when he brought Thomas home! The pictures below were taken when my parents brought him round to my house a few days after they got him.

Thomas getting some milk
Thomas meeting my hand for the first time!
Thomas still getting the hang of how to eat food!
Thomas playing with fish!
Thomas playing with fish
Thomas finding a place to hide behind Dad's feet!
Rachel and Thomas

Rachel and Thomas

Fishy (2004-2005)

Our fish who is called

A flatwarming present in April 2004. Rach and I call him Fishy (what an original name)!

He is now in that great Goldfish bowl in the sky...

Kim (1978 - 1991)

Kim was born in 1978 (when I was less than a year old). He used to steal my yellow shawl from my cot! He was the only male in a litter of 9. Grandad got him from some friends in Kincardine.

He was a great friend, and we grew up together. Mum, Dad, brother, sister and I all lived with Gran and Grandad's until I was 8, so we would play together all the time. After that, I would see him most days. When I was old enough, the two of us would go for walks up and around the Gowan Hills.

He always looked after me. One time when my brother was going to hit me, Kim pinned him to the wall, and I was able to get out the house! He was a gentle dog. I remember the time when one of our gerbils escaped, it ran straight into Kim's mouth, then Kim extended his tongue, and the gerbil did a U-turn and ran back out!

Kim died in 1991 (aged 12). He had been ill for several months, and was due to be put down on the Wednesday, but died peacefully on the Tuesday while I was at school. I still miss him loads.

We can't find most of our photo's of Kim, so here are all the ones we could find!

Kim beside the dinghy and Grandads boat

Kim and the other puppies in the litter!  Aren't they cute! Kim outside my house Kim outside Grandparents house Kim outside his house

Rambo (1993 - ?)

Rambo was last of a litter of 5 cats. We got him on 9 April 1993, when he was just 9 weeks old. Dad got this cat (through a family friend) as a present for mum. Rambo was very friendly. He grew up with a little blue toy which was his favourite! Myself and Ann used to hide the toy, and he would always manage to find it! He was a great hunter/attacker. Dad remembers that he would lie in waiting for dogs to pass the house, and then jump out and claw them!

Rambo went missing in November 1995, and we have never heard of him ince. We still wonder where he is... To see more photo's, please visit Rambo's photo gallery.

Other Pets

Gerbils: Stewart (my brother) was allowed to keep 2 gerbils in the late 1980's. He named them Frisky and Whisky. The shop assistant assured us that they were both male gerbils, so imagine our surprise, when they gave birth to countless offspring, who in turn gave birth to countless offspring! One of Dad's friends (Andrew) took all the gerbil's off our hands (thankfully)!
Grandad's Goldfish - middle pond in back garden
Grandad's Goldfish - side pond
Goldfish: We had a few goldfish which were always won at funfairs in the late 1980's. Grandad kept about 30 fish in his 2 ponds at Irvine Place.

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