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Mum & Dad

Married 29 December 1972 @ North Church in Prestwick, Ayrshire



Margaret Ann Parker Davies. Born at Thornyflat Hospital (Ayrshire) on 30th November 1952.

Margaret never met her mum's parents, but knew her Grandparents (William and Harriet) on her dad's side. Her Grandad died when she was 4, but she knew her Gran (Harriet) until she died during the 1980's.

She went to Glenburn Primary School in Prestwick, and then Prestwick High School.

Margaret left school and went to work as a cashier in Carroll's (Bakery/Tea Room). She then worked for the cooperative at Prestwick Road as a shop assistant, and this was followed by working in Malcolm Campbell's in Prestwick while also holding down a job working in a café at night (Central Café).

Mum and Dad met on the way to a party, when he gave a lift to mum and 12 others from the Railway station. They were properly introduced shortly after when Dad drove a friend through to see one of Mum's friends.

She got a transfer to Malcolm and Campbell's in Ayr where she was 2nd in charge of the meat counter and worked there until she got married in 1972 and moved to Stirling (they lived with Dad's parents until we moved to Riverside on October 31, 1983) and started a family (Stewart - 1973, Steven - 1977, Ann - 1981).

Margaret helped out occasionally at Grandad's shop in Kincardine as a shop assistant. She had to stop working to care for dad when he fell ill with M.E, and had cared for him full-time ever since.

Margaret is a Christian and enjoys helping Charities, and collects money/raises funds regularly for Children's 1st, Red Cross, RAF, RNIB, PDSA etc. She is also a Sunday School Teacher at Viewfield Church, helps out as a volunteer for the Befriending Service, and did a Red Cross Course for Hand Care. She enjoys doing crosswords, and watching TV as well as many other activities.

In November 2001, Margaret flew abroad for the first time ever to visit her Auntie Jenny (Grannie's sister) and her family. She was able to fly there again in November 2005.

Margaret is the backbone of our family. She is always organising things and helping us all out.

John Thomson was born at Stirling Royal Infirmary on 28 February 1951.

He went to Allan Primary School (Stirling) then Riverside Secondary School for 1st-3rd year (which later became the primary school that Stewart, Ann and I attended)! He then attended Bannockburn Secondary where he left at the end of 4th year.

When he left school, Dad started work at the R.E.M.E (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers) as an engineering apprentice (1967-1971) and then became a fully qualified engineer from 1971-1979 (still at the R.E.M.E). John's main job was to repair army vehicles, mainly armoured ones. The depot had the contract for Land Rover gearboxes and axles, so the R.E.M.E had 6 people working on the gearboxes, and dad was on the axles, so he was doing all the axles for the British Army by himself!

John had to stop working in 1979 when he was diagnosed with M.E (after the Doctors finally worked out what was wrong). M.E has caused him to give up work and be housebound ever since 1979.

John lived with his parents in a house at Baker Street, then, Douglas Street and then Irvine Place, where he began married life (1972) living with his parents, and in 1983, Mum and Dad moved down to Riverside with their 3 children (Stewart, Steven and Ann).

John was housebound, and ill, so he mainly spent his time watching TV (mainly Sci-fi) and reading books. In 1981, he got his first computer - an Atari 800. This got him into computers, and things really took off from there. This computer was followed by the Atari 130 XE, then the Atari ST 1040, then the Amiga 500, and Amiga 1200. By the late 1980's, John had a vast number of computers, and helped out at Stirling computer club once a fortnight in the town library. John had also made a vast number of new computing friends who still visit the house regularly.

John had been taught to play the piano accordion up until the age of 15. He started learning the keyboard because he was stuck at home. His first keyboard was a Yamaha PSS-680, which he swapped for the Yamaha PSR-47. He then managed to obtain a Home Organ, which he bought after he had started attending Stirling Organ Club. He now plays the Yamaha PSR -5700 which my Grandad bought me.

John eventually got his first PC in 1995. He enjoys playing Quake and Unreal Tournament on a Network with friends, and also watching TV (mainly Sci-fi), playing card games and mah-jongg on the computer, reading and playing the keyboard.

Dad's favourite web-site is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

John hopes to get a car sometime soon so that he may be given a new lease of life and get out the house a bit more regularly than at present, so watch this space!

Please take time to visit Mum and Dad's Wedding Photo's from 1972.

Dad's 53rd Birthday Celebrations Dad
Dad's 53rd Birthday Celebrations Mum and Dad on way home after his 53rd Birthday Celebrations
Dad sitting at my computer in Lyon Street Mum and Dad at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988 Professional photo of mum (Ann won mum and her a free makeover and photo session)
Mum collecting for Children's 1st during the Runrig Concert Mum's class photo (can you spot her!) Mum and Dad with me outside Alloway Halls (on the day I moved out of home
Mum and Dad on their Wedding Day Mum and Dad at the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988 Mum and Dad at Gran and Grandad's Golden Wedding Surprise Party

Dad, Gran and Mum Dad, Ann and Mum

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