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Chloe (my God-Daughter)!

Born 26 May 2002

Me (Steve) holding my God-daughter Chloe I was very honoured when Simon and Carol Easson asked me to be a Godfather to their soon to be born baby back at Christmas 2001. Baby Chloe was born on 26 May 2002, and weighed 5lb 13.5oz. Carol and Simon - the proud parents with baby Chloe

Please rollover the pictures using your mouse to read a comment on them, or click on them to see a larger picture. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking most of them! This page will be updated as my collection of photographs grows!

First Few Days

Carol, with baby Chloe and the Balloon celebration! Chloe - isn't she cute! Chloe - all dressed up and nowhere to go!
Chloe asleep Carol with baby Chloe Chloe awake and yawning!
Chloe asleep Me (Steve) holding my God-daughter Chloe Simon with baby Chloe

Christening - 20 April 2003

Me (Godfather), Chloe and Alison (Godmother) at Christening on Easter Sunday 2003 Mum, with Alison (Godmother), Chloe and other family Simon, Carol and Chloe cutting the Christening Cake on 20 April 2003
Chloe with her Great Grandparents Carol and Chloe opening Christening presents on 20 April 2003  


Carol, Chloe and Simon in my room (June 2003) Chloe sitting in my living room (June 2003) Chloe being fed by Carol
Steve (me) and Chloe Chloe with my juggling equipment at St.Marks Fun Day (June 2003) Chloe - the world's youngest Unicycler!! 23june2002
Simon and Chloe Chloe with Simon Simon, Chloe and Carol at my flat (June 2003)
  Chloe with my juggling equipment at St.Marks Fun Day (June 2003) The wonderful Chloe!


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