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Bow Street

Meadowside Halls

Meadowside Halls

I moved out of Lyon Street at the end of my third year, and went home for the summer. Although I did enjoy Lyon Street, it wasn't the same as living in student halls, so I applied for Meadowside Halls, which is the student halls used mainly for 4th and 5th year foreign students, and surprisingly got accepted.

It was great to be able to share a mixed flat with flatmates from all over the world.


I don't know what some of these flatmates are up to these days, so if anyone knows any more information, then please e-mail me.

9 Flatmates

The 9 Flatmates. Picture taken at Daniela's birthday party.

  • Back row: Doreen, Thibault, Craig, Shong and Jochen
  • Front Row: Sven, me, Bjorn and Daniela
Doreen and me at our graduation Shong and me after our graduation Jochen and me after our graduation

Room 1 - me

Room 2 - Sarah Bannister (Scotland) Sarah left after 4/5 weeks. She was studying 3rd year Information Management. Sarah got engaged to her long term boyfriend (Donn) while she was at Meadowside. She didn't like Dundee at all and moved back home to Kinlochrannoch. She is now working in a 112 bedroom hotel near Kinlochrannoch as the Head Housekeeper.
Room 2 - Oleg Kalugin (Ukraine) He had a teaching post in the University for a month before Christmas, so he moved into Sarah's vacant room. He left at Christmas to go home to his wife and children in the Ukraine.
Room 2 - Craig Pitcairn (Scotland) When Sarah's room became vacant, I asked Craig to apply for it, but they had already gave it to Oleg. He put his name down for any spare rooms in Meadowside, and then got Oleg's room after Christmas. Craig now works for BT in Dundee, and I go through and see him regularly.
Room 3 - Lim Yean Shong (Malaysia) Shong moved back to Scotland after gaining a work permit and has started working as a Graduate Engineer in Glasgow. He lived in Meadowside for 3 years! Always good on the playstation and can swim like a COW! Good video CD-ROM collection (they are cheap to buy in Malaysia!)
Room 4 - Doreen Shulze (Germany) We had lots of good arguments (mainly over food)! She gave me a love of 80's pop music. Doreen got married to Jerome Tiberghien who lived in the room below me at Meadowside!
Room 5 - Daniela Lerch (Germany)  
Room 6 - Jochen Schlageter (Germany) Jochen was a good friend, and we would often stay up talking till the early hours about anything and everything. He got married to Ludi on 10 March 2000, and now lives in Germany where he is working with a network security company.
Room 7 - Bjorn Wennstrom (Finland) We had great times going swimming and watching films (especially ones with Samuel L Jackson in them)! I would always enjoy beating him at Tekken 3 on the Playstation. Bjorn works for an IT company with approximately 50 employees. He is based mainly in Sweden.
Room 8 - Jean Sven Schenk (Germany)  
Room 9 - Thibault Bellocq (France)  
Jeremy - our secret flatmate!

Our secret flatmate - Jeremy the Gerbil!! Craig bought a gerbil the summer before I moved into Meadowside, and when he joined me just after Christmas, he brought it with him. The University has a strict policy against owning any pets, so we had to keep him a secret (even from our flatmates). So for those Meadowsiders who didn't know about him...sorry!

Jeremy sadly passed away in February 2002

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Stories and Photo's

The warden: We continually had battles with our warden (who was the same guy that Craig and me had when we were at Alloway Halls. He found Jochen trying to fix the Heating System once and totally blew a fuse (the warden, that is)! Later on, our fridge door broke off, and he charged us £10 each to get it repaired. We refused to pay up, and fixed it ourselves! Soon after that, three of our German flatmates burnt a pot sized ring into the table surface in the living room, and the Warden charged us each £10 (£90 in total) to repair the table. He deducted it from our deposits, and still hasn't fixed it...He also charged me £5 for my keys being missing when I vacated my flat, when I had left them locked away in my room where only he had access. There were numerous times when he nearly found Jeremy the Gerbil, but Craig and I were always on alert to make sure he was well hidden in time!
Flat dinner party In the pub Jochen's 28th Birthday Party
Another party!
Bjorn and Franck Craig, Bjorn and Shong walking to Dundee Law

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