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Lyon Street

After the hectic life I had for those two months in Alloway, I decided to ask to be moved to more mature halls of residence (as everyone around me was in first year, and didn't need to study). I was offered a room in a flat in Lyon Street to share with two guys from Perth who were in their second years. Chris was studying Accounting, and Nick was studying Computing. They both grew up in Perth and were friends at the same school.

I got the double room that they were just about to turn into a snooker room! I was told the room was all mine and the University would only charge me for a single room, on the condition that they would still be looking for another person to share the room with me. They never found anyone, and I had a very large room indeed (three windows, and two ceiling lights)!

My room Lyon Street


Keep in touch guys. If you want anything added, then e-mail me.

Me and my flatmates (l-r: Nick, Chris and me)

Nick Reid: Now a father to a beautiful baby (Jade). Lives in Perth with his girlfriend Tanya and their baby.

Chris Lochhead: Works as a Financial Reporting Advisor and lives in Edinburgh with his lovely girlfriend Liz.

me, Nick and Chris on our last day in Lyon Street

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News article about Nick

Nick appeared in the Daily Record when he was in his first year at University. He was sacked from McDonald's in Perth (where he worked at weekends) for eating a Chicken McNugget during his break. As policy goes, you are allowed a free meal and a drink during your break, and Management claimed that the 26p Chicken McNugget was over and above the free meal allowance!

The following week, there was a follow up story when Nick was offered his job back, but he told them where they could stick it!

The flat didn't have a living room, so the three of us would tend to hang out in my room. After Christmas, the guys brought a snooker table back with them and we set it up in my room. To take certain shots on the table would require you to climb inside my wardrobe!

Other flat activities included me being constantly beaten at International Superstar Soccer Pro on the Playstation, and playing football in the park. Chris is an avid Dundee United fan, and took me with him to see them lose 2-1 to Celtic one day at Tannadice which was just round the corner from our flat. He told me he had a spare season ticket from someone who couldn't make it, so I agreed to go along. It was only when I was handed it just before reaching the turnstile, I realised it was his Grandad's season ticket, so I had to cover up the ticket as it said I was an OAP!

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