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Bow Street

Union Street

Aerial View of Union Street
Steve and Jamie
Snowy view from outside flat (dec 2002)
View of my current flat, and you can see my parents house in the background also!

I graduated from University of Abertay Dundee in the summer of 1999, and moved back home to Stirling to live with my parents, where I began planning my future, and decided to set myself up in business. After much planning, I launched my own business (sole trader) as a Freelance website designer and professional juggler with a mail order juggling equipment and novelty item store.

I chose to continue living in Stirling where most of my family live.

I knew my flatmate Jamie for years as a friend before we moved in together, as we both attended Stirling Baptist Church. At Duncan Cuthill's flatwarming party in Perth, we realised that we were both looking to finding a flat in Stirling and decided that we could become flatmates.

We moved into our flat in Union Street on 16 January 2003, and then Jamie had second thoughts and we had to move all our stuff back out again. We were then able to agree that this place was fantastic, and he agreed that we should move in. Needless to say, I moved my belongings in a lot more slowly the second time (23 January 2003), in case he changed his mind again!

We lived here for a year, and then the landlords decided to sell the flat. Because I was due to get married less than 10 months after we had to move out of this flat, Jamie and I decided to go our seperate ways, and I moved to Bow Street.

My Juggling Equipment and Novelty Item Store.
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Jamie Taylor
If you look through the cannons, you can see the flat!
Snowy view of the Clock Roundabout which is outside the flat.

JAMIE TAYLOR is living in Dundee and going out with Alison.

QUOTE: "Don't look back on your life and see it as one of missed opportunities, but look on it as taken chances to be the best that you can be."

Jamie is in a band called "we don't have a name yet". If you have a suggestion for his bands name, then please keep it to yourself.

Favourite Words: Jacksy, puppies.

Favourite Films:
Shawshank Redemption,

Favourite Music:
Caedmon's Call - Third Day

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