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Family Pets - Rocky Photos

These are all the photo's I have taken of Rocky since we got him. I hope you enjoy these photo's and if you click on any of them, you can see the larger image. Roll your mouse over any image to read more about it. He sadly passed away at the grand old age of 16yrs in December 2007.

A very humble Rocky (who ate all the rabbits!) Rocky enjoying a warm summers day in the back garden
Rocky in a box - the new game sweeping the nation!
Dad visit Rocky in Cardboard box city (which I set up with empty boxes from the loft)!! Rocky's food area in the kitchen Rocky in a box!
Rocky in cardboard city! Rocky asleep on Ann's bed Rocky about to fall asleep!
Rocky curled up Rocky sitting sociably in the living room! Rocky waking up

July-September 2001

closeup of Rocky's face Rocky in the back garden Rocky on the prowl :-) A tired looking Rocky (or maybe it was because the flash went off)! Rocky loves our wash basket!
sideview of the wash basket Rocky fast asleep Rocky reporting for duty! Rocky on the prowl again! Rocky reporting for duty again!

Older Photo's

Rocky came in a box! And proceeded to eat and drink us out of house and home! Flower arranging (or waiting till mum's back is turned so he can eat them!) Rocky goes fishing!
This made him grow very big It's CHRISTmas! Lying on the upstairs window In washing basket with Mum
Bed-time! Getting a drink from the cold water tap in the bath! Lying down in the back garden lying with me on the couch Mum and Rocky

More photo's will be added as and when I take them! Please visit again.

To view photo's of our families other cat (Rambo), please go to
Rambo's photo gallery.

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