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Concert - REM at Stirling Castle:

19 July 1999

Please click on any of the images on this page to see a slideshow featuring the full size images.

Stirling Castle - The venue for the Concert My favourite group came to Stirling Castle (about 2 miles from my house)! I had already seen them last time they toured Scotland in 1994.
Part of the huge light show I went with my friend Peter (another huge REM fan). We both have all their studio albums (approx. 13). It was pouring rain the whole way through the concert, and the queue for getting in stretched at least a mile downhill!!
Support Band - Feeder Feeder were the warm up band. They played quite a good set. They weren't as well known as they are nowadays.
Michael Stipe Then on came REM to thunderous applause. They sang about a 15 song set, then came back on for four encores. The light show (as you can see from the photos) was spectacular. They played most of my favourite REM songs such as "The One I Love", "Find the River" and "It's the End of the World as we Know it (and I feel fine)".
Light show 1 Afterwards, we found a pub on the way downhill that was playing REM Music, so we stayed there till closing time and met lots of other people from the concert!!

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Concert - REM at Murrayfield Stadium:

27 July 1995

REM Ticket for the 1995 Concert
REM were also the first band I ever saw in Concert. I had just left my YT job, and had thankfully paid for the tickets in advance, or else I would have not been able to afford to go. I wasn't as big an REM fan back in 1995, although I still thought they were a great group. Cranberries were the support group, and they were brilliant. Also supporting were a group called Spearhead.
Murrayfield Stadium - venue for REM Concert in 1995
Anyway, we were not allowed to take any pictures, so I only managed to take one photo of this concert! Here is that photo, and also the ticket I bought for the event.

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