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Mum & Dad - Wedding Photos

I am so glad that I thought of creating this section of the web-site, as I had never seen these photographs before. The date is 29 December 1972. The location is North Church in Prestwick, Ayrshire. This area is where my mum grew up. I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I have. Please click on any photo to see a slideshow of the larger images.

The happy couple Check out the dress Mum Aunt Isobel
Mum and Dad and their parents Grannie and Gran exchange presents Family and friends Cutting the cake Off on honeymoon

(Family Intro) (Ann) (Rachel & Steve) (Mum & Dad) (Stewart) (Aunt Isobel)
(Gran & Grandad) (Grannie & Papa) (Pets - Past & Present) (God-daughter Chloe)

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