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Hall of Shame!!

Now don't do it again.

Well, here is your chance to show that you are truly sorry for ignoring my advice (twice)!! Just e-mail me with your name and reason for not listening to me, and your name and reason will be added to the Hall of Shame below. Please make your excuse good.

Many people on my last website entered this page, but did not e-mail me (boo, hiss :-( Send your name in - and the funniest reason can win a prize - check small print at bottom of page for further details...

Date Offence Committed
Reason Given
Just testing it works...Honest!
Graeme Jackson
Got back from Blairgowrie Impact Team yesterday and not long up very tired stumbled on your site thought it said click here to wake up then click through on automatic pilot the miss clicked on the other button and now typing the sorry excuse
Anne Awounou
need to apologise for my lack of bahaviour. But I clicked on the forbidden button (I even did it twice cause I really liked it:-))))
Joe Durnall
I am soooooooooooooo sorry for my unforgivable actions and give you my most sincere apology (Te he hee, it was fun though!). Good Web site by the way and that juggling one!

Sorry again, and thanks for the screen saver!!!!!
Craig Hadden
Erm, I'm sorry I pressed the big red button.... Big Andy Simpson told me to, so I was led unawares into it!! What can I say... It was his fault!!! hehe

Hope yer well and things are going good.

Stay cool

Steve Turner
Who wouldnt press a button that says dont press its so tempting dont ya think!
Rachel Hopper
How can I resist all I can say is KID IN A CANDY SHOP lol
Elisabeth McIntosh
hey hey. i am incredibly incredibly sorry for pressing the buttons twice. the first time i did it i was just curious, but the second time it's because i saw how funny u were the first time and i just missed u so much that i had to hear it again. i'm u not think this is the most kissing up i have ever done! lol. well i need to go!! byebye
love Elisabeth mcintosh
Tim Lee
What do you mean why did I push the button? You gave me no choice! It's like saying. "Don't look down." I mean, even Indiana Jones looked down! And ya' know what?!? I'm not sorry! I'd do it again! And again! And again! And again until the end of time!!!
Now who's learned their lesson?!?
Alex Dorans
Hey what can i say, it called to me! lol
I just had to see what would happen if I pressed the button, it was too tempting!! I guess it's a lesson in temptation??
Ian Snell

I HAD To push that button. The King of the potato people made me do it! At knife point no less! He said that he would Steal my big toe if I didn't.

Ok so thats not the REAL reason but its slightly more amusing. The reason I clicked that forbiden button is simply to find out what it does.



Hahahahahhahahahhqahahhahuahahahhahahahahahahahahaha! I press it because I WANTED TO PRESS IT! Hahahahhaha!

Bob Falzergano
17/07/05 my reason for clicking on the thing TWICE was
because I was really bored.
Josh Hopper
28/01/06 My name is Josh Hopper, and I live in western North Carolina. The reason I pushed the DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON is because I'm a Hopper, and my wife says, "The Good Lord Above never made a mule half as stubborn as you Hoppers."
Matt Willoughby
22/03/07 I apologise for my inexcusable behaviour. It was so tempting to see what would happen. The second time, I had to show mum - she caused irreparible damage to my computer though. Great site - feel free to check mine out :

I wish I was clever enough to make one of those buttons hehe!!!
Jonathan Greenaway 31/10/07 I have just been to your personal site and clicked the red button, and the forbidden link that followed. Mostly out of curiosity, safe in the knowledge that it was just a harmless little javascript.

Now don't do this again. Please learn from your mistakes...

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